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Ashour general constructive contracting Company established in 1988 as one of the formations of the ministry of construction and housing with a capital of 57.000.000 ID and began its work from 1/2/1988 . The Company has many branches in Baghdad and in Governorates (Basrah, Nassiryah, Samawa, Emarah, Kerbala, Hilla, Mosul , Diyala and Baghdad ).

Ashour Company has good Knowledge and long experience in executing Roads and Bridges projects and it is very reliable and trustworthy in the Iraqi construction sector.

Ashour Company has (1740) employee in Iraq in different fields of Specialization (Engineers, Technical, Administrative, Accountants, Skilled and Unskilled workers, etc). Many of them are professional Engineers holding Diploma BSC, MSC and PHD Degrees from recognized Iraqi and foreign universities. Due to efforts of those competent and talented employees the company had succeeded in executing and completing. Many distinguished big projects in different parts of Iraq.

Projects Experience
The best and most important project which the company has executed is :
- Visitors road in Babil and Holly Karbla provinces with total length of 64.255 km and with cost of 35.400.000.000 ID.
Express way /r6 ( right passage) from section (000+47 to 000+95)  in Al Muthana  province with a length of 48 km and with a cost of 99.489.930.000 ID.
Express way /r6 ( right passage) from section (000+130 to 819+144)  in Thi Qar province / gravel and installation works from (000+120  to 000+130) with a length of  24.8 km and a cost of 75.491.470.000 ID. 
- Al Smawa sub road project ( left passage) from section (1 +400 to 27 +144) in Al Muthana province with a length of 25.7 km and a cost of 51.204.550.000 ID.

 Ashour Company is classified as a first - class contracting company according to Iraqi law . It is authorized to work in various projects including projects with large amounts.

Company Aims
One of the main aims which the company seek is to achieve growth in its income with a rate of 25% annually over the next five years by extending the scope of its participation in the works carried out to include by investing the company estates which are unexploited now to construct housing especially  in Ninevah. In addition to purchase asphalt plants and modern crushers and using technology in the implementation of works to achieve quality and cost aims.

 Address: Al- Nidhal street, across the white palace, Baghdad, Iraq.